Multisig Admin Rights

The ProtocolDAO is a Gnosis Safe multisig 4/6 to be found on
Each Signer is responsible to check that a transaction has governance approval. The Signer-Group consists of Core Contributors and Community Members.
The Multisig has the following admin functions with Timelocks:
  • Propose and Accept new Implementation Contract of Upgradable Contracts (Proxy Contract, 7 days time-lock), see Proxy Contracts
  • Propose and Accept new Modules in the Nexus Contract (7 days time-lock), see Nexus Modules

Pause Controls for unhealthy basket

  • The Multisig can Pause the following contracts in case the basket of mAssets is undercollaterized and therefore becomes unhealthy:
    • mAssets (mUSD and mBTC)
    • FeederPool and NonPeggedFeederPool
    • SavingsManager (to collect and distribute interest to the SavingsContract)
    • SavingsContract (if flag to collect and stream interesting is true, see SavingsManager)

Proxy contracts with 7 days time-lock

  • mAsset (mUSD and mBTC)
  • imAsset (SavingsContract)
  • FeederPools
  • NonPeggedFeederPool
  • BoostedSavingsVault
  • BoostedSavingsVault V2
  • BoostedDualVault
  • LiquidatorProxy
  • Staked MTA (stkMTA)
  • Staked mBPT (stkBPT)
  • Quest Manager

Proxy contracts with no time-lock

These will be changed to a 7 day time-lock after 2 months of usage.
  • Convex 3Crv Vaults
  • Meta Vault of Convex 3Crv Vaults
  • USDC 3Pool Convex Meta Vault
  • CowSwapDex
  • Liquidator

Immutable Contracts

  • Nexus
  • MetaToken
  • Aave Integrations
  • CREAM integrations
  • Compound Integrations
  • Governance Collector
  • Revenue Recipient
  • BoostDirector V2
  • SavingsManager
  • DelayedProxyAdmin
  • Reward Distributor
  • Poker of Boosted Vaults
  • Save Wrapper
  • Emissions Controller
  • VotiumBribeForwarder
  • BasicRewardsForwarder
  • RevenueBuyBack

Nexus modules

  • MetaToken
  • SavingsManager
  • Liquidator
  • LiquidatorV2
  • Treasury
  • InterestValidator
  • Keeper
  • Governor
  • ProxyAdmin