GUSD Feeder Pool Iron Bank (CREAM) Integration for mUSDVaults are used to earn rewards. Tokens such as imUSD or Feeder Pool tokens can be deposited to earn additional MTA rewards. On Ethereum mainnet two versions of these contracts are deployed. BoostedSavingsVault is used for single token rewards (MTA) and BoostedDualVault is used for 2 reward tokens. However, only one reward token can be used for the BoostedDualVault as well. The Boosted in the name implies that this contract reacts to the staked MTA balance and receives a boost from that.

Contracts are upgradable.

The following table lays out the currently deployed vaults and what contract is used.



imUSD Vault

imBTC Vault

mUSD/GUSD Feeder Pool Vault

mUSD/BUSD Feeder Pool Vault

mUSD/alUSD Feeder Pool Vault

mUSD/RAI Feeder Pool Vault

mUSD/FEI Feeder Pool Vault

mBTC/HBTC Feeder Pool Vault

mBTC/TBTC Feeder Pool Vault

mBTC/tBTCv2 Feeder Pool Vault

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